abortion is simply unnatural, it goes against freedom or choice in every way. I don't understand people who are born with the idea that we have to protect people who have a voice, but the children we are meant to bring into this world to love, protect and teach and give a voice. We're just going to rob their voice, and their rights before they have a chance to speak for themselves. The children which have been aborted regardless of the circumstances perhaps could have done great things in this world. But they never had a chance!. Not enough people speak out for the little ones who's voices are dead and cannot speak for themselves. How many great people have we lost through abortion in the last 30 some years? You will never know the exact number, because you know not all have been recorded. How many great musicians, artist, poets, writers, scientists, leaders, philosophers? But really life isn't even about all that jazz. Even if a lot of the children never became great in the eyes of the world. What if some one who would make a huge impact on my life in a personal way was never born? Because is very possible and likely. I think about if I had been aborted. The reason I imagine this is because when I was younger I often thought that I shouldn't have been born. That my parents didn't know what they were doing and they shouldn't have had me. But life changes. I have been given many opportunities to have a voice within my own family and community, because that is where greatness begins. Mother Teresa says "you don't have to do great things, but to do small things with a great love." Who are we to judge whether a child is to exist especially after we made the act of procreation. If sex wasn't made for making babies than we'd get pregnant by being abstinent. (sarcastic humor) But it makes sense. We were given an extra gift of procreation also being pleasurable. But we decided to take the procreation out and just have fun. Only problem with that is your aborting the result of your fun. A child should be the result of unconditional love. -Therese Leger Age 20 Omaha, NE