Looks like this is advocating safety over the rule of law of the Constitution.

We would have never been thow into current conditions if the republican and democrat political system did not approve the preemptive strike  invasion of Iraq and disregard the national soverrignty of the middle east nations.

 the preemptive strike and act of aggression violates the nuremburg principles for commiting an act of aggression on another nation. The principles for formulated with the leadership of a US Supreme Court Justice by appointment of pres Truman.  The Congress assumed power they did not have by authorizing this preemptive act of aggression.

The are all accountable to this international law which the United States is a signatory to.

Mr D you have a lot of nerve to look for ways to destroy our constitution for the criminal acts against it by the republican and democrat political system. 

We must get rid of the political system and backfill with people that will govern according to the specifics of the Constitution.

Safety will be restored when we mind our own business and restrict ourselves the legal and physical borders of the United States of America