I agree that the birth of my children was the pinicle of my life but was it for Mother Teresa or Einstien or the Dali Lama? I submit that the meaning of life is ultimatly CHOICE. To live on earth as free as possible. No, not anarchy but to feel comfortable with the choices of others. If someone who CAN have kids chooses not to do so, so that they can live their life as a stripper who am I (as a parent) to say your choice is not inline with the reason you are on earth. That stripper in all of her manipulation and false attention could be the only person to show kindness to a lonely soul. Was that choice not a benefit to someone? I think that what I would do in the last 90 days would be to spend as much of that time with my kids to be sure but, I would also accept ones choice to be selfish or philantropic. Then on the last day I would... eat everything I could and PRAY LIKE A MO FO!!!