Being formerly employed with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security I believe I have a unique viewpoint on this subject, of course it is my view obviously not everyones. First I would have to know exactly what you mean by "education" in fighting terrorism. Terrorists don't become terrorists because of lack of education, some are very well educated, many of whom right here in the good ol USA. They choose to become terrorists not because of the conditions in which they are born, although they are incredibly poor by our US standards, the people in this part of the world have been living this way for centuries. And for fundamentalist Islamic extremists they prefer it this way, to live as their ancestors did.

     In my opinion, the key to fighting terrorism is to harden every soft target that these people have in their minds to destroy. Some would say this plays into the terrorists plans by making us alter our way of life, but I say our lives have been forever altered and we cannot change that. I say we must change the way we view our world, because if we don't we are condemned to suffer a lifetime of consequences. We have taken steps to ensure our landmarks are safer, such as buildings in D.C. and our airports and some railways, and this is a good first step. The key to a terrorists plan is to evaluate what target poses the least difficulty with the most possible damage and media coverage. Imagine if you will turning on your tv to find out that 6 local malls had been blown up by suicide bombers wearing a simple backpacks filled with explosives, with an average death rate of 100 people per mall. There is your soft target with catastrophic damage and massive media coverage. Do you think mall security guards are adequately trained to identify possible terrorists, to assess their body language and possibly prevent the attack, I think not. The key to Homeland Security is to secure all of those places in which mass numbers of people gather, because those are the easiest targets. These people do this because of hate and skewed religious beliefs, not because they aren't educated or wealthy. WE MUST DEFEND OUR HOMELAND WHILE WE STILL HAVE ONE TO DEFEND !!!