I have been studying this for fifteen years. I hope I am not stepping on your toes. As you have stated the understanding of mass must be examined. I have already published this idea, so I do not expect intellectual theft. E=1/VcubedCsquared. Where V is volume. What does this mean?

You will have to think this through for there is not enough space for me to continue. At the end you will see we can calculate the exact origin of the universe,we can understand dark energy and dark matter, why spiral galaxies spin the wrong way, and many other unexplainable quandries that science simply puts off untill an answer can be found. We will also find our Universe is not all here. We can calculate if we are on the leading, or receading side of the origin of our Universe.

If our Universe is expanding and that rate of expansion is accellerating then there must be a mass being caused to slow, and therefore creating the necessary energy to cause the expansion. Also less than fifty percent of this mass has been realized or else the rate of expansion would be reducing.

You were asking for a theory that would answer all, or most, of the unexplainable.

So is this a Bigthink?