Having a Statue of Liberty for Mexico and the white man holding you down, huh, sometimes I wonder if people even think before they poke the racial pinata. The immigration of mexicans across the US boarders is not an example of racial division but of nationalism. The problem Americans have with the immigration of mexicans is one of saftey and pride. Saftey is a concern because if a bunch of people can sneak across the southern boarder unnoticed then they can also sneak weapons and bombs in the country as well. It would be nice if the Mexicans would patrol their own boarder too to help secure a both nations and solidify a trust relationship. More importantly though pride, pride that the Mexicans feel for their own country and culture and the lack of pride that they feel towards the culture of America. When you speak of a statue of Liberty for Mexico, my question is why? Do you need to feel welcomed into a country you see as only a cash cow. You want to feel welcomed then respect the laws, pay your taxes, and come here legally. Always remeber, in America respect is earned and excellence is achieved.