I could claim the current progressive income tax system in the U.S. is "fair" if we talk
about following what is just and helping to balance the economies of the individual.
However, I feel that (if we must tax income at all) a flat tax would be more 'fair'. Then,
rich people would still pay more taxes than poor people, yet the percentage of taxes would
be the same for all. Therefore, the rich could actually pay less than they are paying in the
current system. We could keep the minimum at which one must start to pay taxes, so the
poorest people would not have to pay any taxes. They would not be affected in this type of
flat tax system.

I also believe there should be a flat tax for corporations, without write-offs for
investment in things (vehicles, buildings, etc.). The only write offs should be in labor and
cost of actual goods sold (not storing, transporting, advertising the goods). With a
write-off for labor, corporations would be encouraged to invest in people rather than
things. With writing off only cost of goods sold, without the other superlatives, businesses
would be encouraged to operate efficiently and keep operating costs low.

As far as a national sales tax replacing income tax, I do not think it's a good idea.  No
matter how much money you make, you probably have the same needs and wants as most other people. Therefore, both poor and rich people would theoretically buy the same things. Yet, the poorest people would be paying a higher percentage (of their income) overall in a
national sales tax system.

A novel approach to government revenue that could eventually lower the necessity for taxes
is the development of Corporate Government Enterprises (CGEs). The theory behind this is
that government could actually compete with corporations by running certain businesses. If
these are successful, the government could earn enough from these ventures to pay for other government programs and perhaps lower taxes simultaneously. This idea helps government turn a profit, without the American people having to pay to fund government through taxation.

Instead of the government subsidizing pharmaceutical companies, why don't they run and
manage a government pharmaceutical company with that subsidy money. This would not be taking over any company in the current capitalistic system, but would add a totally new dimension to both the government and corporate realms. This hybrid capitalism may be just the economic stimulus our country is looking for. People may be inclined to shop at these CGEs, as a matter of patriotism and national pride. This would definitely rethink the tax system and reshape our government.