Of course evolution should be taught in schools, the USA is probably the only western nation to promote religious dogma over science in a public school.

as for evolution being a theory, of course its a theory, a theory with a huge amount of evidence to support it. creationism on the other hand cant even be considered a theory because it has no evidence to support in (if a hole is found in evolution it doesn't support creationism, stop assuming it does). evolution is by far the best theory we have for explaining how humans, animals and plants came to exist on this planet.

I would like a creationist to make a reply to this with a case for creationism with out mentioning the bible (not the slightest bit credible as a scientific document) and without saying a flaw in evolution proves god did it.

Also to thatguy i can make you a list of evidence for evolution if you like, its not hard to find online, or in any biology book.