In response to PatrickMA

I think you missed the whole point. It is the very nature of humans which is incompatible with sustained life and growth as a species. It is our conditioning in this experiment called America that creates the arrogance of a people who need to ask “who will decide and who will be in charge”. I argue, just get out of the way and let nature or the natural leaders rise to the top.

  It would seem to me that you are under the impression that we do not live in a police state now. The very nature of the Empire is clandestine. Just take a look at the cinema, I recall a line from a movie “Hey were Americans” as though to imply we are the good guys. Your experience in America maybe has not shown you how little control over your life you have. In fact, the moment someone wants to relieve you of it they can, along with your money and anything else, for that matter. The feds, state, local, and individuals all have power and are all corrupt.


Working according to your abilities and receiving you just due is an elitist statement. It implies the true Aryan belief that “all men are not created equal”, from an exoteric point of view, I’m speaking in. With that world view, the strong will inherit the meek and the meek will inherit the earth. It is in direct opposition to the edict of Christ “to care for the least among us”.  If you’re anything like me you would do what I do when I do not have to work. I tinker with things, take things apart, build things, as was in my nature to do from a small boy. I would have no problem doing that for free if I did not have to live in the society we live in now.

Resources are abundant if used properly. Just think for a minute, the last time I went to the store, I was governed by the money in my pocket which paid for what I wanted. We are semi-vegans and so the better we eat, the less we eat. The children too! I would only consume what I needed. Those estimates you talk about only server as a basis for inducing scarcity into the equation, so that profit can be maintained. Think about this? Do you really trust the source of the information? Farmers are not saying they can’t grow food. It is the commoditization of food that creates scarcity for soybeans. Example: Soybeans is one of the worst crops to yield oil from on a per acre/hectare yield. So, why is it used as the main feedstock when even I know better? Money babyyy, it’s about the money.    

A disaster is what we are all hoping for. I just hope that if I do not make it, that then end will be quick. Or the preparations if have made given my limited resources will be enough not just to survive as a hunter/gatherer in some post-apocalyptic world, but to live well and be happy. I would agree that overpopulation, ignorance, ect…, are all caused by the various economic systems under which the world has lived under for the last 6000 years. I personally do not think it was a bad thing, just a period we had to go through. I now know that the period has come to an end and I am ready for the next.