Mr. Jean raises an important point. Hip Hop is probably important and relevant to kids in parts of the united states simply because it makes them dream. I understand that people would want to get the success they see rappers having since rappers themselves talk about how they used to be in the slums selling crack.

 This is my thought, is it possible that the artificial dream of money and fame is keeping the kids from realizing some of the more real aspirations they could make out of their lifes? As example I could say, having a career that passions you, helping your community, become a better individual. There seems to be a concensus in mainstream hip-hop that "making it" is measured by your bank account. Is that the message we want to send to our kids? Do you know any parents out there that tackled the issue with their kids?

 I believe the issue here is not to critizise the music or the genre, I would rather push for a humanistic approach to the development of our youth. I.e. discovering their potential as human being and encouraging this potential the most we can. If X passions a kid(let it be math, geography, art, whatever), I really do not believe that listenning the hip hop is going to erase that passion. However, I am afraid it would stand in front of it and cast a shadow on it.