There are many barriers to seeking preventative care in the United States.  Firstly, there is a lack of primary care physicians who can often diagnose an ailment before it exacerbates and causes the patient to procure services, much more expensive ones at that, from a local emergency department.  Secondly, individuals in this country who have private insurance have little incentive to investigate, or in some instances report, potential maladies because it will raise their premiums or make them ineligible for their current insurance.  Lastly, there are numerous indigent, uninsured, and underinsured members of our country who utilized emergency room services as their only line of health care.  As I mentioned earlier this is not nearly as effective as identifying and treating the condition early, both in terms of cost and patient outcome.  To rectify these, it would be necessary to undergo healthcare reform for insurance to be sure, but also to undergo an increased effort in health literacy so that patients better understand their own health and how to maintain it.