For way too long, too many people have made too much wealth... from raping the planet of resources to breaking the backs of the poor and disadvantaged.

What I don't understand about those who have more than (in some shape or form) 10 million dollars (American) that they want more!!  It is challenge to watch when they (the rich) do "give back", the media goes into a tizzy and flutters about then drools and attempts to get "the rest of us" all excited about it!!  Are wealthy people really doing enough to change the world with their "pet projects"?  It is not about time that the rich are to be asked to make a better future for the WORLD??

To make more of the world - a better place; I would suggest that the rich would have to pay "taxes" on these incredible riches.  New world-wide organizations (that work differently than presently) would be required to distribute this wealth) rather than trusting countries governments to dole these (new) monies... but it could be done!

It is my belief, that if these "new-taxes" were to be gathered and used correctly - way more people that live in miserable parts of the planet would not have such a difficult time living a life now or in the (predicted difficult) future.