We teach history in school in the futile attempt not to recreate past mistakes or discretions.....The American revolution, our own past which we hold before us as our idently as to who we are and what we fought for, yet we fail to see. Our success in the American revolution against the world's greatest "super power" at the time, the Brittish was based on the same tactics that are being used against us today......guerrila tactics and a mentality of self sacrifice for an ultimate cause of percieved good and righteousness. I'm sure the Brittish didn't see our cause the same, they probablythought of us much the same as we do now our enemies. Let's face it - we alone are responsible for Bin Laden, we supported an eager "patiot to the cause" against the "evil" Russian empire in their "invasion" into Afganistan. And with our "help" he realised how to successfully attack and defeat a "super power". And we stand agast in how he employs the same tactics agsint us today..... History will forever repeat itself because greed, ambition and ignorance is always born anew and refuses to listen to the wisdom of the experienced.