Yoga is the way we are connecting at this point.

David Life and Sharon Gannon teach us to connect with ease as a community- They restore our Faith To Be the change that we see in the world. Through their genuine love they have opened a space where anyone can practice Yoga and find the simple delicious joy of smiling from the heart. Authentic respect for all living Beings moves from "possible" to the way we live off the mat in every day life-even working for a corporation.

Through Yoga practice, worry and extraneous needs falls to the side and we all learn together how to live in accordance with Planet Earth-recognzing that the world isn't about me and self preservation or judging  others-Jivamukti Yoga is like an expansion in itself-the thought program of self preservation transforms to living in harmony with all Beings, offering our gratitude to our Earth 

Life and Gannon are the great teachers of our time-

With Gratitude