The idea that the reputation of the US to the rest of the world has diminished from good to evil is also my opinion. Having spent a year traveling west in 1996, I met residents of 15 or 16 countries who extolled the virtues of the United States. This was in the middle of the Clinton-Monica era, not the country's finest moments. Still, the only ill will I experienced was not where I had expected it the most, in Egypt and North Africa, but in Western Europe, Holland and Germany. I doubt that If I were to make that same trip today, the general population would be so kind.

I tried to make the above case to a co-worker and Republican supporter. Last week. He disagreed strongly that there had been any global slip in our country's prestige. And he added that most Americans don't really care about the global scene anyway. Very disappointing to me.

I wonder if new leadership in our country will be able to stem the rising anger against the United States. I don't expect it in m lifetime.