Hello from Canada. My home is not on the natural gas grid and never will be. We don't need it. We heat our six bedroom three bath home with wood. We use energy efficient fireplace inserts that reburn the smoke to limit carbon exhaust. We also use a septic system rather than the community's waste management plant which is an energy hog.

Global warmung?  Millions of years ago our earth was a tropical paradise. There were all sorts of flora and fauna growing everywhere. This was the time of the Dinosaur which now gives us our hydrocarbon fuels. Wether it was an asteroid or some other catastrophic event, they all died including the plants and most importantly the insects. Their bodies created the vast pools of hydrocarbons beneath our feet.

We are now living in an unnaturally cold time. If all these carbons were brought to the surface and were once again incorporated into our ecosystem what would our planet be like?

I admit Wall Street would need to move. So what? The human animal has built great cities close to the oceans of the world, but we have legs and can move and rebuild. What is more important, your personal comfort or the well being of our only place in this Universe.(as we know it)

ENERGY   Einstein gave us E=MCsq. He suggested as energy is placed in an object it will heat or speed up. It will also reduce in size and time will slow. Something as simple as our G.P.S. sattelites have proven this as the Atomic clocks onboard must be reset daily.

So... If you took an object travelling at say.. the speed of light and caused it to slow it would reduce in mass and GIVE OFF ENERGY. It doesn't have to be big and they are all around us.

This sounds like Atomic energy but it does not have to be done in such a cataclismic way.

Understanding this idea requires a total revamping of our understanding of physics and our Universe. However any professor of physics will answer a question about our Universe with the words "as we understand physics today".