For most of my life, I have had an interest in, what to me, was simply 'smart' or logical ideas about living and the use of natual resources.

In the last year, my wife and I built (I general contracted) the first Enertia Geo-Solar home in Nebraska. There are less than 100 of these homes in the United States, though they've been produced for thirty years now. We each drive a hybrid car. Not because we're tree huggers, it's just smart to pollute less and get over 40 miles to a gallon of fuel. We would be driving total electric vehicles if they were readily available. (Not like the debacle GM pulled in California years back)

I find it fascinating that there were actually more electric vehicles in the initial years of automotive pioneering, than petroleum powered and that long ago petro-business concerns were already applying control over auto makers and limiting consumer choice in the land of the free.

I have always found that if one decides to not take "what other people think" seriously, one is much freer to make 'smart' decisions about the majority of things in life. I apply this in business and personal life, and do the same for those who I support to be successful.