first of all i dont think different points of view have been considered enough here, we've only sayd what we think when this subject is brought up, but few have actuall put themselves in the parties shoes. first there is the pregnant girl, im gonna go out on limb here and say dat if ur considering abortion, ur not exactly ready to have a kid. and if ur not ready to have a kid u shouldnt have to have a kid just cuz u made a mistake or the product of irresponsibility, i believe mistakes and irresponsibility should be punished but the baby comes in place here, that baby will undoubtedly pay for that too, not just the mom, and i dont think that should for those of u saying that the baby's choice should be protected, heres this (and i know this is gonna sound cruel and terrible to some) i dont think its like the baby has a voice that he cant express or an opinion or choice he cant say or make, the kid simply has no voice, he has no choice, no opinion, no desire to live or to die, quite honestly and rather overly objective, the kid is not really alive, its just not deadit will not make a difference to it if it goes or stays, but it will to the mother, and a started life is, in my eyes, more valuable than a less than unstarted one.