I had considered what it meant for my argument that not everyone has children. I admit that I am a materialist - in the sense that only material things exist - and that the afterlife or any other metaphysical factors did not enter into my considerations. As for homosexuality - and I would argue that the transgendered would usually fall into this category - they may not be inclined to enter a relationship that might bare offspring, but I believe the innate feeling is still there. Homosexual couples adopt and can even produce their own offspring through surrogation. However, I don't pretend that I can dictate the meaning of every individual's life. I can't say that it must be the meaning of your life or that it is, everyone has their own meaning. (On the other hand just because someone hasn't fulfilled their life's objective doesn't mean there wasn't an objective in the first place regardless of how callous it might sound.) It might be more appropriate to say that this is the meaning of life - life in the broadest sense - and not the meaning of lives in the most particular sense.