To me,I think it's a choice that you make. There are too many different cases that it's not my place to define wheather it's right or wrong. I would like to share my personal experience here that I also suffered from it. I am a religious person, but I do have sexual desire or needs at a moment and it mostly came on strong. However, I cherished the values of what my religion had taught me. I asked myself, what is my own purpose of doing sex. Would it be a blessing thing or just an outlet? Is it compatible with my belief? Would it hurt my dignity in the future?  Would it be a shame if I reavel it to my ideal mate who I admire of and holy? That's because I care!! I understand that the appetite of sex would get stronger once I allow it, and I would never be sated once I'm addicted to it, but instead suppressing it, I face it and understand that if I leave a place for the temptation, I 'll lose it. I recalled my memories that the times I've commited in my mind, it reseased my sexual need but it seemed hurt my self-image deep down my heart. Only because my religion, I sacrifice my sexual needs cause what you focus on determines your reality! So now, I dont need to suppress it anymore, cause my affection to my belief is beyond the affection in sex. That's just me.