That the rich should give away a part of their wealth to the poor is as much a need of the rich as it is to the poor. This is because there cannot be a society where some people have all the goodies all the time and the others remain in perpetual starvation.The rich cannot have amassed their wealth without building on the sweat,tears and blood of the poor .Rather than let the poor starve and force them to rob the rich ultimately,the rich should have the sense to share a part of their wealth with them and treat them with dignity and respect.Mahatma Gandhi advocated the trusteeship theory which says that the wealth held by the rich is being held by them only as trustees for the society and it is not their private ownership at all. Vinoba Bhave tried,albeit unsuccessfully,to persuade the rich landlords to voluntarily part with a part of their land for the common pool from which the poor will be allotted their piece of land.