I agree with you, I have a very similar feeling about this topic. I have been reading scientific studies about evolution and the idea that everything in the universe was created in one big bang and from then on everything would evolve overtime. My problem with that idea is that scientists are discovering that life is way too complex to have just been created from chance. If it was, how come there aren't more things just created out of chance? why is it with everything we do there is always a creator, the watch and the watchmaker. Time is a funny thing though. The watch didn't decide to be made, yet it still tells time. but it would never tell time until the watchmaker decided to create it. How much can we really tell time? The complexity of life seems to be infinite, perhaps we will never discover the meaning of everything in life, rather perhaps some other watch maker hasn't been born yet to discover an answer or two about the life we have and how it came to be. Perhaps its just not the time.