I think our generation is too accustomed to making excuses and placing blame externally instead of examining the idea of shared responsibility and commitment in a functional relationship. Divorce has become all too common in our society and has practically turned marriage and the idea of a committed union into a flat out joke. Divorce should not be treated as an automatic get out of jail free card, couples should first try to honor the oath they took before god and seek counseling or other options to repair their relationship.

Men like "sciencesaves" need to stop perpetuating false stereotypes about women lacking the ability to "keep their men sexually happy" as if it is a one way street. There are plenty of married women out there who are strong minded career women who manage to carry the world on their shoulders and still desire a tantalizing sexual experience more than just once a week. The fact that Mr. Weiss is justifying infidelity based on his view that monogamy is not in the nature of man, and that women expect far too much emotionally is exactly what is wrong with our society today.

Couples need to learn how to evaluate the dynamic of their relationship and ensure that they are ready for the responsibility and commitment before they prematurely dive into marriage. I fail to believe that it is impossible to keep passion alive in a marriage in this day and age, like shlni mentioned, every couple operates differently but that is no excuse for letting your relationship get into a rut. There are plenty of resources out there that help keep you sexually in tune with your partner even if your schedules or drives don't perfectly allign.