The idea that one can state with any logical certainty that a creator does or does not exist is a oxymoron.

Assume on the one hand that any one of the monotheistic religions are correct. Due to the necessity of faith described in the holy texts which describe these regilions, faith is a defining characteristic. Faith is a beleif held outside of reason, depending on the knowledge you already (from/of that particular religion) have to the exclusion of all else - even logical reasoning. After all, these logical reasons could simply made by the creator as traps to those who have weak faith. Thus the question of a creator's existance in this case is not possible to know givin logical reasoning, only faith.

Take on the other hand that none of the present religions hold the answers as to the existance of a creator and that science is the only place an answer may be found. Necessarily due to our location (time-space), we are limited to observing that which exists within our universe (if it be a multiverse, then within our multiverse). Observation of anything and everything which does not find itself in a location (again, time-space) within our universe is impossible to those found within our universe due to how self-contained it is, as expressed by various laws of conservation such as energy, charge etc. Thus if there is a creator who must by definition exist outside our universe, the creator would be impossible to observe. Without observations scientific theories cannot be confirmed and thus science cannot give this answer.

Unfortunately, it seems the only way for the creator to be truly known is if the creator were to introduce itself, and even then duplicity or loss of mental faculties seems a more logical conclusion than the time-space you exist in to be the location it chose to show itself.

The knowledge is unobtainable in my opinion, based on my reasoning as above. I am an egnostic who chooses to beleive that a creator is possible, but no more possible than the non-existance of one. Because of this, the search for the answer seems to be a giant waste of time, energy and resources. Several values found within nearly all religions is a good ethical base to live ones life without the shackles of dogma, such as Humility, Generosity, Good-Will, Truth, Patience and Justice.