I think so ... but I also believe we can devise a more democratic form of government than we have at present. To do so, we must recognize that there's a long and difficult road between a conception and its implementation. It has taken something over two hundred years for the American political system to degenerate from The Noble Experiment to its present state of anti-human corruption. We will not correct its flaws quickly or easily. As a starting place, I recommend we try to understand why The Noble Experiment went awry. Why did democracy fail in America? If we don't understand that very important point, we will be ill-equipped to devise a better structure. Are there others willing to think about how our country's political system can be made more democratic; how we can break the stranglehold the political parties maintain on our political process: how we can eliminate the extraordinary influence of vested interests on our government? Are there others willing to work toward creating a better government for the humans among us? We will not accomplish such changes during my lifetime, but they will occur in someone's lifetime ... if we have the wit and industry to lay the groundwork. Fred