Because I'm having trouble posting a comment on my statement, I will do it this way Two Comments: To thatguy: Thank you for the laugh. I understand what you're saying about nothing exploding into something. I'm no expert, but I beleive the Big Bang Theory says that everything was compressed into the "tiny speck" then it exploded and expanded into what we call our universe. Throughout time, the laws of physics shaped everything, gravity brought things together, stars were born, evolution, the whole nine yards. You would rather believe an invisible man clapped his hands and we had light? Certainly that it is a much better thing to teach our children instead of something based on a ridiculous amount of facts. Granted, the big bang theory may not be correct; however, it is one of the most accurate models of the universe we have. To Stew: Nice brainstorming, I actually wrote the same question in another post regarding religion. It is man that has created God.