I believe the Bible just like all religious texts should be evaluated for what it is. A book put together by a group of men who set in a room and made decisions about what they thought God wanted. The fact is, orgainized religion is the single greatest source of violence and death on the planet throughout human history. Cizik used the classic scare tatic in this clip which all religions seem to do - Judgement. Most people follow an organized religion for one real reason - the reward. Live a good life and you will get the reward in the end. I say "the only thing that matters is how you effect those around you". "Morality and religion are not the same thing and I don't need a text to tell me right from wrong - cause and effect works just fine". "Leaving a lasting postive impact with those you interact with will serve your part in making the world a better place". "If there is to be judgement in the end by any fair God, this will be what really matters, not following the set of rules and regulations set out in a book by a group of men"