1. Menendez first engages in a logical fallacy: it's not possible to directly analogize between past immigration and the current variety because conditions have changed since then. For instance, unlike Mexico, Germany is not right next door, that country never owned part of our territory, and they've never claimed part of our population as their own. 2. Menendez' claim that only Indians are the "one true Americans" is odious. Every American citizen is a "true American"; he might want to check the very laws that allow him to serve as part of our government. 3. Menendez engages in yet another logical fallacy, pretending that the debate is about stopping all immigration. No national figure wants to stop all immigration, least of all highly-skilled immigration. 4. See him receiving an award from the Mexican government here: www.ime.gob.mx/reconocimiento/reconocimiento.htm . And, for what he's saying behind your back, see lonewacko.com/blog/archives/005820.html