yeah, this is true. it reminds me almost of the old topic of people in war stories. many times they will tell stories of other people. when the story teller was not even there. if you talk about somehting you dont know about people will begin to think your a liar. i mean its like some of the bs we see in music, or sports. where you have some of the greatest producers of all time who has never touched a basketball. or never sang a note on a record in their life. any kind of suffering is basically the same day. some people think well, as long as i don't waste my resources i am doing good to the world; such as kids in africa, or children in war torn countries. yes, that is a helping hand to them; but i mean that is something that we should be doing anyways is it not? if you really want to make a difference you have to really get out there, get into a hands on situation. sponser a child in a 3rd world country. pay a visit to one, find a way through any program or even your church. we need to do more than just conserve our on food that we were going to eat anyways. people see the addvertisements that world vision and other organizations put on tv; and they say that all those programs do is try to make us feel bad about what we do with our lives. i don't disagree with tese statements, however i feel that we deserve to feel bad for the way we live our lives. people should stop speaking about these topics like its a bad thing. world vision have some very good ideas. i know i sponser a child, and i still ache to do more of the sort to help underprvilaged children, or even animals. all living creatures deserve a fighting chance in society, if they didn't then god would not have created them in the first place, we must reach out to people who have less than us. reach out and tell them, somehow that the suffering is going to end. and with people like moby, the suffering will someday end. but he cannot do it alone. he needs an army everyone who tries it needs an army. we must come together in hope of ending suffering once and for all.