A theory: The universe is incomplete (not whole), That is why the big bang was capable of occuring, and therefore, time, or the expierence of time, is possible. If the universe was 'perfect' (whole, static) then what would be the point? There would be no critical mass that could occur to allow for an event like the big bang. The universe had to of been capable of excess, and also, not always having enough. It is this exchange of too much and too little that forms our expierence of time.

If the universe was complete and whole, then there would be no logical reason for a big bang. It would exist in a superpossition of perfection and balance. It is only through un-balance, that motion is capable of occuring. When things are prefectly in balance, there is no space for motion. When there is no space for motion, there is no room for the exchange of energy which prerequisates the expierence of time.