Mr. Peterson's choice of philanthropic work is admirable, a good education being the first thing I think this country owes it's citizens. My concern, having newly entered the world of philanthropy, is how that world works. Once again, as in most of life, getting a grant from any foundation seems to equate to how much success you've already had getting grants. For someone like me, with a worthy project and no staff or history of raising grant money, it appears the best I can hope for is interesting the very, very few grant resources who give seed money to small projects. I think it would be both practical and useful of more foundations looked - if not outside the box, at least at the margins. There are some awfully good ideas going to waste because some non-profits can't afford a professional grant writer or fund-raiser. If the rich do have a responsibility to the poor, it should play out more equitably in the world of philanthropy, itself.