This is something I've thought a great deal about.  Part of my thinking is very hopeful, part is very scared.  Imagine you are part of the generation that is just one generation too late to benefit from such a powerful medical breakthrough.  I think humanity is approaching a very important phase in the next century.  The breakthroughs in science and medicine are going to be staggering I think and I'm not sure we are ready for them.  The moral dillemas are going to be on a completely new level.  I can only hope we are wise enough to steer the proper course. 

There is a real danger of the gap between the haves and the have-nots increasing exponentially.  The only way I see us being able to couragously pursue these new advances is if we also advance globally and morally.  What do I mean by this?  The world has to unite behind these issues with a greater understanding of equality because they are fundamental to the human experience.  Before we can decide our own fates on such a level we have to recognize the humanity in each and every person.  The world right now is too divided.  But who knows, maybe these breakthroughs will be what unites us?  I hope so.