Caveat emptor!  Face it, we are the government.  We are our own personal representatives.  We are our brother's keeper (and sisters, and children, and elders and...).  So, let's not pass the buck on this one and plead ignorance or not "my job" or ...

Once we reach some degree of maturity we get to vote (few of us seem to) and often do so based on very little information, and that we often get the little we obtain from the media we all love to complain about.  We're all responsible for our own education and part of what we should learn in school is "how to learn".  

Once we figure out that we're owed nothing in this world but the fruits of our own labors it's up to us to use our resources as best we can for our own betterment and those of everyone else.  

So, don't expect anything and you'll never be disappointed.  Save yourself first and then help those less capable.  But please don't help those who plead ignorance or succumb to Madison Avenue's marketing game (p.s. they've long ago expanded to include Washington, D.C.)

And, by the way, consumption is not a right or priviledge and smacks of gluttony (which last time I checked was not a virtue but a vice -- or for those of particularly religious bent -- a sin).