The difficulty in the stance taken by the idea I respond to is that abortion is an intractable issue, to be honest.  As was written, whether or not abortion is murder depends on what one conceives as a human life; if one believes that life begins at conception, then abortion, birth control pills and condoms (that prevent fertilization), morning-after pills, etc., are all tools of murder.  (One might also consider, as that author speculates, a miscarriage to be an act of involuntary manslaughter, though I doubt any law would make it a prosecutable offense.)  On the other extreme, if one believes that life begins at birth, then abortion at any point in a pregnancy is not a crime in any sense.

The difficulty with the analysis I respond to is that Jamie Tyroler goes on to state that first trimester abortions are not murder because of fetal inviability outside of the womb.  However, I might come back and argue that the early fetus is perfectly viable, and is indeed a living thing, until a human being decides to perform a medical procedure to kill it; thus, first trimester abortions are murder.  One cannot acknowledge that whether or not abortion is murder depends on belief and then come back and say that one who believes that a first-trimester abortion is murder is wrong.  The same applies to the statement that abortion should remain legal in cases of rape and incest; wouldn't some consider all abortion to be murder, no matter how the child was conceived?  To kill a child born of a rape, these people might say, is illegal; why is it any less murderous to kill the fetus that might become that child?

Personally, I prefer to focus on issues where all can agree, as a famous politician has noted.  Jamie and a conservative Christian will never agree on the ultimate pro-life/pro-choice matters, but I think both would agree that we need a strong adoption system (so women don't feel like their child will have a terrible life), better promotion of family planning (by contraception or by abstention, depending on personal values), powerful social services that can quickly address issues of incest by saving and removing an abused child or family member (red tape can slow down the process and thus prolong the abuse), etc.  We need to focus on these issues and not on ones where we'll simply fight like ideologues, screaming about murderers, enslavers of women, body freedom, or the sanctity of a fetus.