any prohibitions must be based on fact,

in the case of drug prohibition this is based on lies , deeming a plant a drug is a pure lie [in the case of cannabis [wrongly called marijuanna] ,drugs are a medical issue [govt involvment should be only at the level of ensuring purity [non contamination of its particular parts]

 in light of only god making a seed to grow the issue becomes more peverted , that people be given serious prison time for cultivating a plant is the height of paternalistic fear gone insane ,it is not a coincidence the first free act of the children of adam and eve involved a plant ,[legally a fixture] and a fungable , that god found the fat [increase] of the fungable [the lamb the act of a good sheppard ] and mere dead seeds from a fixture [he did not make grow] is further highlighted in the tale of jonah

that god gave us EVERY seed bearing plant ''for food ' gen 2;29 further highlights the absurdity of prohibiting a [any plant] [noting rev 22 that the tree of life highlights and confirms the other teachings [that the leaves be for the healing of the nations ]

 it will come as no suprise that of issiah ''smoking flax he refused to quence,'' or the story of the bush that was not consumed of exodus ,the clarity is revealed in the very words when jesus spoke ''set the prisoners free''

that the law was delivered by a burning bush should also be noted , [add to those facts that hemp [cannabis /marijuana [a trade mark owned by bayer corp [the same bayer that made the gas that jilled the jews ww2 ,the colusions of dupont brothers [inventing nylon, [hemp replaqcement] the acts of hurst and anslinger with thier lies and deceits ,plus the ongoing legal complicities of law enforcements agencies and lawyers , the true collusion and complicities become clear

that higher diservice to humans can not be concieved , beyond that of cannabis [hemp] prohibition [a primary multiple cropping source of fibre /feul, paper , food /plastic  and over 30,000 other sustainable and usfull products and medicines [invcliuding cancer cures, arthritus pain preventions, stroke medication [in itself a billion dollar industry] ,

the colluded deceits of prohibition are clearly a crime against sustainable humabnity[just with paper production planting one quater the land clearfelled [last year alone ] would meet all mans paper needs for eternity, plus reap its reward of seeds for food [bio feuls] and hundreds of industrial supplies each month[as per revc 22;2] noting cotton [a fibre crop uses over one half of the worlds supply of pesticide and fertilisers alone [not to mention round up ]