How refreshing to hear a lucid, a decent American who does not fear the power, the corrupting power coming out from Washington and its prostitute: the media. They are the ones who one day sat and, since they had all been begotten by the same monster, planned the Iraqi crime. They laughed in conversing about the technicalities to be overcome: the US Constitution for example. Cheney, for instance, said that "that paper" was absolutely obsolete. "The President", he said, "cannot be encumbered by such minutiae". In hearing that, the pet immediately jumped on the table and with a characteristic smirk in his face barked, "Yes, yes. I was told to say that, but it was my idea, it was my idea!" Cheney sent a meaningful look toward the lackeys from the Washington Post, the Wall Street, the NYT, CNN, Fox, etc, etc., and they knew what they were to do. The next day, everybody read: "The President courageously states that difficult times require difficult choices."