Did he really say, "you've got to have the wife wear the blonde wig and you've got to trick yourself in one way or another to keep the passion going?" His statement is so revealing. So many American men are so infantile and passive when it comes to sex. They expect to be served like they're at a restaurant. And women just get really bored, really fast with that. Adult women in our society have much more pressure in the marriage then men do. Most women work outside the home and then come home and are expected to nurture everyone under the roof. The idea that women are cold or uninterested in sex is ridiculous. Of course they want sex and they want a man who has the mechanical skills and physical ardor to satisfy them, too. If Weiss has some fantasy going on and his wife goes along with it by wearing a wig and pretending to be someone else then that's between her and her ego. But, it sounds like he's a real drag.