You are correct that the "surge" is not working, because the U.S. has no clearly defined goal in Iraq,(it couldnt possibly be oil, as it was less expensive to buy oil at market value than it is for us to invade a country and take it...,) we havent had a clear goal in fighting a war since wwII. Our military is not designed to be used as a police force in order to ram our f-d up form of government down the throats of people who do not want it. As a former airborne ranger, I guarantee the surge would work if you just kill enough of the right people fast enough. Personally, I dont think we are using enough snipers and special ops, we should dust off the playbook for the old Phoenix Program we used in Vietnam, we( U.S. A.) are already a pariah in the eyes of the world since we cant seem to keep our collective noses out of everybody elses buisness, so why since we have already gone too far, dont we just level the place and start pumping the oil out. When is the rest of the world going to realize that wars are fought over commodities like oil, always have, always will be, and since the elected officials and the general population of the U.S. have neither the inclination nor the discipline to wean themselves from oil, we are just going to take what we want as in the good old days of colonialism wrapped up in the premise of advancing democracy in a region of the world that is barely out of the stone age and can hardly understand the concept of self-government let alone want it. Oh, Yeah people are supposed to die in war surges so it must be working.