There definitely is a difference between hunters and plain killers.

 Here in the wetlands of the Northern Territory, there are quite a few feral species that cause damage to the environment, pigs, horses, buffalo, camel.  Pig hunters in the Territory do so for a dual purpose, they can get a trophy from the tusks and the rest of the pig usually turns into dogmeat, as long as the carcass isn't affected by worms.

 The feral buffalo, horses and camel also usually end up as pet meat.  There is also a small market for these "game" animals, unfortunately there's not much demand for it, even though buffalo is a better alternative to beef.

 There is also a hunting season for magpie geese, hundreds of hunters go out every year to satisfy there hunger for wild goose, many of them kill, cook and eat goose on the hunting grounds.  There are bad hunters though, the ones that leave carcasses to rot and rubbish hunting grounds.  People usually abide by the rules of the hunt, but there are always bad ones.  Over the past 2yrs, goose hunters have killed about 10,000-20,000 geese each year, amounting to 1-2% of the total population that comes to the Territory.

There's still a place for hunting, it's the killing that needs to stop.