Is the media responsible for the war in Iraq? This question, as it's phrased, is meaningless. A better question: If the media in the United States and Britain had dug deeper, asked more probing questions prior to the Iraq war could the war have been prevented. Let's assume for argument sake that the press did an excellent job of uncovering the facts, i.e. that Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction, and was not collaborating with Al Quida therefore did not pose a risk to national security for either the USA, Europe, or it's immediate neighbors including Israel. For the Iraq war to have been prevented by the press it would, by necessity, have required people/citizens to believe the news media over their government. When Saddam postured that Iraq did have weapons of mass destruction in the face of UN sanctions and non-compliance with UN resolutions 424 everything was in place for commencing the Iraq war. Too many people believed the bluff including the international intelligence community. This is the consequence of having your bluff called when nearly everyone thinks you're not bluffing.