Life has no absolutes.  Dying is not always a bad thing.  I am a funeral director who has presided over 1000's of funerals and has prepared 500 plus bodies for viewing and I am here to tell you that I have personally met hundreds of people who are intelligent, confident, clear of thought and ready to die.  This may be an impossible concept for younger people to grasp, but wait until you are 90 years old and living in a world with no  physical pleasures and few remaining intellectual pleasures.  Wait until you reach an age where there is no one left to talk to who understands you.  Wait until you have no friends because your peers have gone before you.  Wait until you have to live each day in unbearable pain or discomfort and feel you contribute nothing.  Wait until you live in an age that you don't understand.  I once prearranged a funeral for a man who told me, "Live as long as you can.  Then when you feel you can't live any longer, accept it is time to die.  If it truly is your time, it will come."   Within two months of him telling me this, he died peacefully in his sleep.  I think he died happy.

In addition to age, I have seen suffering.  I will not elaborate on this point except to say sometimes death is merciful.