Most definetly!  Its an issue of who has the right to do what to my planet. And your planet.  Its an issue of who actuals owns the earths resources: The people who found them first or those who aquired them through compulsion?  In the end it doesn't matter because their are no truely closed systems in this world.  The only kind of thinking and acting that will lead to survival-- in a world worth inhabiting--is the recognition of the profound interdependance which connects the highest quality of life for each and everyone of us inseperably to the common success of human kind,every single human being. 

This is true at a very practical level.  What would happen if we took two thirds of our defense buget and invested it in building environmentaly sound economic infrastructure in the countries of our greatest enemies.  We would win the war on terror!  This is true because people with promissing alternatives do not blow themselves or for that matter others up, especialy the others who gave them those opportunities.  

Better yet can you imagine what would happen if we spent the bulk of the federal buget developing a cheap, clean, virtually limitless source of energy?  At the point which we can power an entire home for five dollars per year there is no longer an excuse for haves and have nots to exist.  The entire socioeconomic power structure would have to be destroyed or at least rewritten.