I dispute the claim that religion is the basis of overpopulation.  The reality of population growth lies in what is called the stages of demographic transition.  At the first stage, the population has high crude birth and death rates, resulting in almost no population growth.  After industrialization, a society enters stage two, marked by a decrease in the death rate.  The birth rate stays the same, causing rapid growth.  This is the stage developing countries are in today.  Europe entered stage two during the Industrial Revolution but has since transitioned to stages three and four, which have low birth and death rates.  The key to decreasing the rate of population growth is economic development and education.  A more educated populace has fewer children.  The only thing we can do is wait, of perhaps, participate in micro-lending.  On the other hand, the actions of the Japanese and Europeans are not to be commended.  The current fertility rate of Japan and Italy is 1.3 children born to each woman, well below the replacement rate of 2.3.  This is unhealthy too as it leads to the graying of the population and population decline.  Claiming that organized religion is to blame for overpopulation is ignorant.