As a child I grew up on television, after school I would spend at least 3-5 hours mindlessly watching the box... One day I was watching Television and it cut to an advert-break and I actually forgot which show I was watching one-minute ago? That was a scary day for me, and soon after I decided to QUIT Television altogether.

Human Experiment:
Can you STOP watching Television and reading the "News" for 30-days?

(Please take notes on how you feel, if you experience withdrawl symptoms be assured that these are natural symptoms from quitting any addiction. Please fill your newly found time with positive activities like daily exercise, walking, eating REAL food, reading - yes READING, spending time with that woman you hardly know - I think she's your Wife!! Even if you're married make sure you both have Friends, otherwise your marriage is doomed for boredom and stagnation, etc..)