An unanswerable question - the best kind! How challenging to think a book many have used to guide there lives may be nothing but an out-of-context anachronism. Wait, you say. This can't be true. Jesus is the guiding light. Sure, if you want. But how can we expect the Bible, or any religious book, to illuminate normative ideas for the future when the source of light is so far in the past? If one wishes to use it responsibly, bible should be interpreted constantly - a perpetual checking in with "what does this say," and "what does this mean to me and my world, right now?" The problem with constant checking is that it can lead to conflicting messages - and much of the attraction of faith is in not having to constantly ask. If we simply followed the tangent of every minute moment we found ourselves in, we would come full circle. It's up to us to decide if this is a circle we've already traveled, or if we can move it upwards/forwards and start making spheres.