The Bible was written and compiled by people.  It is a collection of the authors' interpretations of their observations and life experiences.  Later portions of the Bible are influenced by thought processes and interpretations expressed in earlier portions.  In other words, the Bible contains evidence of its own evolution.

Basically, the Bible is a statement of collective common sense - this is, "This is what we have observed as the best way to survive and ensure survival of the next generation."  The idea that millions of life experiences over thousands of years form the basis for these collective expressions should make the reader take them seriously.  The reader must then apply his or her interpretation of the collective common sense to his or her individual life situation.

This application can be meaningful only if uncoerced by either civil or ecclesiastical authority.  Coercion negates any positive inluence that the Biblical expressions of collective common sense might otherwise have on the reader.  Coercion only serves to reinforce the economic power sought by those seeking to coerce over the targets of such coercion.