I think that the question is not whether it's ethical, it's whether they will make any sort of money of it. The only way they might legalize it is if they could take full control of the selling of it in my opinion. Personally, nothing against marijuana specifically, I think the use of all drugs/alchohol should be abolished completely. The reason I uphold this idea is because I believe that the mind is a sacred thing, and the use of these opiates clouds the mind and would interupt my goals and make my mind less and less sharp. Not only that, but they are a waste of money and have destroyed peoples' lives. I am glad to say I will be staying away from such things.

 In the words of Baha'u'llah: Intellect and the faculty of comprehension are Go'ds gifts whereby man is distinguished from other animals. Will a wise man want to lose this Light in the darkness of intoxication? No, by God! This will not satisfy him! He will, rather, do that which  will develop his powers of intellgence and understanding, and not increase his negligence, heedlessness and decline. This is an explicit text in the perspicuous Book, wherein God hath set forth every goodly virtue, and exposed ever reprehensible.

 Thus is the commandment I uphold.
By the way I am 14.