Corporate globalization has meant that states are increasingly unable to regulate economic arrangements within their own countries.  Regional trade regimes like NAFTA have increased corporate profits while destroying the livelihoods of people who rely on smaller-scale trade.  Traditional economic indicators of 'prosperity' like GDP don't fully capture this trend because they measure growth based on the whole nation-state, rather than looking at individuals and communities.  Some people have predicted that the state will just whither away and we'll end up with a different system that resembles the EU.  However, states aren't going anywhere.  Many countries are dismantling the welfare state, but we're also seeing an emphasis (especially in the US) on more police, military power and especially surveillance.  Our purchases, interests, activities and patterns of behaviour are increasingly monitored by corporations and governments.  So we see less of 'big government' around economic issues, but more social control through police and surveillance technology.  Some see these trends as good things, but for those of us who aren't interested in a future dominated by megacorporations and surveillance, these trends are worrying.