As promised, here are my results.  Not really sure what to make of them--they seem more politically oriented than I would have imagined.  Moreover, this definitely doesn't jobe with my own sense of self.  It appears that I'm sort of morally indifferent, which I'd like to think isn't the case.

If anyone has any insights on how to interpret this, please let me know. 

Politically Conservative

Politically Liberal

Socially Conservative

Socially Liberal

Overall Conservative

Overall Liberal

Based on your answers to the previous questions, your overall score on a conservative/liberal dimension of moral attitudes--compared with the general population--puts your percentile at 45, with the 99th percentile indicating the most liberal possible rating. Another way of explaining this is to say that out of 100 randomly-selected people, you will most likely be more liberal than 45 of them.

You chose to rate another person, in addition to yourself. This other person's overall morality score is 45, meaning that they are roughly as conservative or liberal as you are.

  • Your values are neither extremely traditional nor particularly progressive.
  • When it comes to social morals, you feel that society's current laws need to be more flexible in some areas.
  • You believe that the government's current positions are generally balanced and fair, but disagree with a few of its practices.
  • The other person's values are neither extremely traditional nor particularly progressive.

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Calm / Relaxed

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