I can tell you right now, if in your other site features you incude the kind of dumbed-down sound effect jingles heard in "How do I use Big Think", that you'll fail to attract serious intellectuals to your site. It is just that kind of sonic pablum which, suffusing the public sphere, in elevators, supermarkets, airports, etc, (and the private sector as well, viz., bigthink.com), actively blocks discourse of any kind. It is not figuratively an opiate, it is literally an opiate. From the article in the New York Times I had assumed that avoiding this kind of obnoxious "entertainment" was one of the reasons you started the site. So far, I've only looked at "How do I use Big Think". I'm about to check out some other videos and features, and if I hear any more of this stuff, I'm outa here. Beau Johnson, New York City